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Case Study: Mid-Michigan K9 Academy's Rapid Digital Transformation in Just Two Months!


Mid-Michigan K9 Academy, a premier dog training academy based in Saginaw, Michigan, sought to amplify their digital presence, establish their brand identity online, and become the authoritative source for dog training within the region. To achieve these ambitious goals, they engaged with our 3x Social Media Management Package.


The keystone of our strategy was the development of a branded content strategy, implemented across three primary social media platforms - Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. We aimed to create engaging, consistent content that resonated with dog enthusiasts, thereby driving brand visibility, engagement, and web traffic organically.


The implementation involved a three-pronged approach:

  • Content Creation: We focused on developing branded content, which included practical dog training tips, success stories, and behind-the-scenes insights into the academy’s daily operations.

  • Community Engagement: We emphasized fostering a strong sense of community, stimulating dialogue through comments, highlighting user-generated content, and participating in trending conversations and challenges.

  • Performance Monitoring: We diligently monitored key performance indicators (KPIs) such as follower growth, engagement rates, and website clicks to continuously refine and optimize our strategy.

Results in Two Months


The outcomes on Instagram were significant, with the Academy's follower count rising from 315 to 924, marking an increase of approximately 193%. Our reach extended to over 55,000 accounts, achieving an engagement rate of 14%. Importantly, 90 individuals were led to click through to the website, indicating increased interest in the Academy's services.


On Facebook, the Academy's digital reach widened to over 130,000 accounts. We observed a substantial increase, with an addition of 2,780 new followers. Furthermore, the platform experienced a 650% increase in new messaging contacts, suggesting a boost in direct interaction with potential customers.


Our TikTok strategy dramatically shifted the Academy's online presence. The follower count surged from 303 to 24.8k. One video reached viral status with 2.7 million views, another raked in 340k views, and many more crossed the 15k view mark. The average view per video reached 3.5k, significantly elevating the Academy's visibility.


Our content strategy led to a rapid digital transformation for Mid-Michigan K9 Academy within just two months, helping them emerge as a prominent online brand. The concentrated effort on developing a robust branded content strategy was instrumental in this success, allowing the Academy to establish a thriving online community and position itself as the go-to source for dog training in Michigan.

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